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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Now that was awesome...

What an awesome weekend we had with the Jesus Culture Team.
I'm so excited about what God has done in us, and begun to do through us. You guys rock.

Mate, there was so much real practical stuff we can apply to our lives.
1) Embracing a 'Spirit of Holiness' through positioning yourself for encounters with a Holy God - through his Holy Bible, Getting together, coming to worship times, etc.
2) Being 100% set apart for God, for him to use whenever and however, even if it means loosing friends. He's created us to follow after HIm.
3) Aligning yourself with the fathers and mothers in faith to ensure your brute strength and tenacity has God's Rod of authority backing it up.
4) Hearing God and letting the Holy Spirit really lead you, in prayer, prophecy and life.

What did you get out of the weekend? We don't want to miss any of it. (Be good to get a notebook to start recording more of what God imparts). What was the one thing that stood out to you?

BTW, Did any of you get good pics? could you send them my way?

Catch you all later
Keep burning - Eric

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