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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Are you ready...

This is not to be missed! To clarify some misgivings concerning the various events, the main event for youth and young adults (ages 15-30) will be held at The Westgate School in Slough. This is the event the guys recommend us to go to. It starts 7pm on Friday night.

The student weekend in Reading was added later specifically for those of you who are studying. So if you fit the bill, head along to that. 
I'll be attending the Slough weekend and the Leaders day in Reading (for an extra fiver).

Transport... when we get final numbers we'll arrange lifts to and from the sessions.

Jesus Culture Weekends
Youth and Young Adults Weekend …the main event
Age 15-30
3-5th October
1st Session 7pm Friday
West Gate School

Leaders Day
St Laurence Church 9:30-5pm

Student Weekend
For College and University Students
10-11th October
Grey Friars Church

Let me know today if you can make it so I can book the tix. (If there are financial issues let me know)

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